Wednesday, 4 January 2012

NATIVE by Mona Kuhn

No - that's not me. It is just one of the beautiful photographs by Mona Kuhn in her fantastic book Native, which Jane gave to me as a Christmas present. You may have seen Mona's work in the exhibition at Flowers Gallery in 2010 where the photographs were printed very large and looked incredible. The nudes and other portraits are wonderful but the still life images of the Brazilian forest are reason alone for buying the book which I can thoroughly recommend.

I first came across Mona's work in early 2010 and so, of course, I wrote to her about my project asking if she might photograph me. She very kindly replied positively but, unfortunately, she is based in the States and so, unless I can get over there at a time when she is free and able to fit me in to her understandably busy schedule, it is unlikely that anything will happen.

But, as I often say, you never know what is round the corner.............

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