Monday, 15 August 2011

A MARRIED MAN by Natasha Caruana

I liked Natasha's work a lot when I discovered it but, at that time, I had no idea that she taught at UCA Farnham which incidentally is where Jane got her Fine Art Degree. Natasha is a fabulous photographer and so I was thrilled when she agreed to photograph me. The most intriguing and, I guess, the most controversial part of her portfolio is the "Married Men" project which involved her going onto a site where she met married men with whom she went out on dates and during the date, she took photographs, never of their faces but for example, their hands or a table setting but without the man realising that she was doing it as part of a photographic project.

Anyway, Natasha suggested at the time of initial contact that we had dinner together and she could add me to her collection. Needless to say, I informed Jane about this immediately and she was cool with it. After several postponements, we met in London and Natasha took me to St James's Park for a picnic lunch which she had prepared herself  - I love picnics! Over lunch, we quizzed each other about our respective projects - she was a delightful lunch companion and it was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion. 

On the way back to the tube station, she asked me why I wasn't wearing a wedding ring. I explained that, when Jane and I got married in 1979, it wasn't really the custom for the man to have a wedding ring and so I had never had one. I asked her when she had noticed this and she said "Straightaway"! I do feel that her previous experiences with married men in her project might perhaps have made her more suspicious. 

I am still waiting for Natasha to send me the photographs she took with her camera but below I have included some which we both took with mine.

Please take the time to look at Natasha's website as I think you will very much enjoy what you see. A great photographer and a very nice person.

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