Tuesday, 27 September 2011

ENERGY by Kim Fielding

ENERGY by Kim Fielding

Kim was introduced to me by Tiff Oben and he even agreed to put me up whilst I was in Cardiff for the shoots with Tiff and Kim himself and Ami Barnes. I had spent the day before shooting with Tiff at tactileBOSCH followed by a dinner party hosted by Kim at his flat and so, by the time I got to Kim's studio in his cellar the following morning, l was very relaxed and easy. By the way, I should just mention that tactileBOSCH is an amazing place. It is an alternate gallery space and was established by Kim and Simon Mitchell in 2000 since when it has been the venue for exhibitions and performances by many established international artists as well as emerging local artists.

Anyway, back to Kim and his cellar. I followed him (Kim) down the stairs and immediately l sensed that it had a great 'feel' to it.  Kim had wanted to photograph me using his flash gun but for some reason it wasn't working so we made do with a string of fairy lights and other things. We both agreed that I should be naked for the shoot and Kim started shooting immediately as I began to undress. At first, I perched on a shelf under the stairs which was like an eyrie. Then I stood holding the lights and a torch and then finally I stood on a mattress and swung this light in an arc. That was what did my back in. It was already a bit dodgy after jumping up and down on hard concrete the week before for a stop motion film but balancing on a sprung mattress got it going again. Apart from that, I loved experimenting with the lights and I could have stayed down there for ages but I had to go on to my next shoot. However, I have been invited back to Cardiff and it is likely that, when I return, I shall end up being involved with the same photographers again.

I waited for the photographs to arrive from Kim and soon enough a CD arrived in the post with the most amazing set of images on it. They were all awash with colour and movement and also beautiful little surprises like an eye appearing out of nowhere. They are presented with such elan and confidence that they become intoxicating and, strangely, they seem imbued with an almost erotic energy - strange because I didn't feel particularly erotic down there - in the cellar I mean.

I chose the above image as Kim's contribution to my project. It has everything - bizarre flashes and tones of colour, great movement and a contrasting stillness which all goes to make an incredibly vibrant and challenging image. But I want more and it seems as if Kim will kindly allow me to return to Cardiff for that. He is a wonderful photographer - he has such bravura and he never stops still - just the sort of guy you need to run an Arts Centre. And what is more, he is a thoroughly nice bloke. I am so, so lucky to meet people like Kim which, if I had still been a lawyer, I would never have done. All thanks to Parkinson's Disease - weird isn't it?

Link To Flickr Page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/39043424@N04/4926241655/

Kim in his kitchen

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