Wednesday, 2 November 2011

SHIT HAPPENS by Rosie Hardy

SHIT HAPPENS by Rosie Hardy

I first came across Rosie's work on Flickr probably via Miss Aniela (Natalie Dybisz) as they not only know each other but their work has some similarities. In early 2010, I sent a message to Rosie on Flickr as I couldn't find any other contact details and, sure enough some five months later, I received a positive response from someone acting on her behalf. Well, then we got embroiled in our move and nothing more happened until I  came across her work again and remembered how brilliantly inventive she could be. This time, I wrote to her direct and she replied immediately with enthusiasm. 

We set up a date for a shoot in Manchester which  I managed to combine with two others and she asked me if I minded partaking in one of her workshops. I said that I didn't and so it was that on 2nd November 2011, I bowled up at her flat in Manchester to be welcomed by this small bundle of energy that is Rosie. She introduced me to the five people attending her workshop and explained that the first shoot would take place in the underground Car Park in her building. We all trooped down there and I wrapped a towel around me and pretended that I was watering a plant growing out of the concrete floor. The idea was to photoshop the image afterwards and perhaps show the concrete cracking. Then we went outside and, witha view to producing the "Shit happens" photo, Rosie photographed me in the garden standing with my arms crossed and then again around the corner with playing cards thrown into the air. They all snapped away and then we returned to her flat for the most fascinating part of of the morning when Rosie showed how she manipulates images using photoshop. 

She came up with this fantastic image which has a great deal of humour in it and connects up neatly with my general attitude to Parkinson's Disease - it is shit but it does happen and you have to get on with in it.

Rosie is a delight and an extremely talented photographer  and she led the workshop with such aplomb and produces such wonderfully creative work that I am tempted to say that she will achieve great success but I won't because she has already done that.

And she's only twenty-one!!

                                                                                               Me and Rosie

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  1. I havent had time to read everything on this blog yet, but I'm already amazed by this project. And this image by Rosie is truly awesome!