Tuesday, 20 September 2011

THE RED BALL by Heather Buckley

THE RED BALL by Heather Buckley
Heather is a local Brighton photographer and when I saw her work for the first time, I was struck by the brightness of the images and the positivity of thought and deed which had clearly influenced the outcome of the shoots in question. 

We met at Brighton Pier on a bright September day and introduced ourselves and then immediately set about starting the shoot. Her first idea was for me to lie on the shingle of the beach which was level with the top of a flint wall. She was hoping that it would subvert the normal perspective. Normally, I hate being photographed in the public gaze but this was nice because I could see only the sky above as I lay there whilst Heather clicked away. After this we moved on to the pier proper and first of all took some pictures in three deckchairs side by side with me wearing a suit in different stages of undress. I liked the idea a lot but in the end Heather decided not to pursue these shots and so I never saw the results. Then we wandered around the pier and stopped whenever anything took our fancy including a game which involved rolling a ball into various holes and scoring points in the process. I had no idea what the game was all about but Heather became increasingly excited by how these shots were going and she encouraged me to improvise when I rolled the ball and, as I did so, she leaned over and took the photo blind from the front but look at the wonderful result. Isn't it a brilliant photograph? Highly original, full of movement and life.

I was so pleased when I received this from Heather as I had not looked at the photographs during the shoot and so I had no inkling of how fresh and inventive it would look. 

Heather loves photography and that is so clear from her vital, lively images. A great day and a great addition to my project. I am so glad that I approached Heather to take part and even more glad that she said yes!

Link to website - http://heatherbuckley.co.uk/

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