Tuesday, 27 December 2011



My son Tom has a very good eye, he is an excellent natural artist and he understands not only the significance of things but, most important of all, composition. This photograph is a case in point. Plenty of people have taken photographs of hands before. A number of photographers have photographed my hands before so it is nothing new. However, the viewer wonders what else is there to this man of whom we have had a small glimpse? In this photograph, we ask what is this person like whose hand we see resting on his knee? 

Tom shoots with care and intuition and, as a consequence, produces wonderful, clear images that tell stories that we want to hear. For the record, this was taken on a day over the Christmas break in 2011 when we went for a beer together at a local pub in Brighton. There are few greater pleasures than having a beer in a pub with anyone but particularly with your son.  There are very few greater pleasures than spending time with Tom - wit, artist, photographer, friend, raconteur and crazy mixed up kid.

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