Thursday, 3 November 2011

SAFE by Julian Holtom

SAFE by Julian Holtom

Meeting Jules was so unlikely. First of all, I came across the work of Solarixx and wrote to her asking if she would  photograph me only to find that she lived in Argentina. Nevertheless, Sol suggested that she arrange for a photographer she knew in Yorkshire to photograph me and then for him to send the raw image to her so that she could work on it in her usual way in order to produce the final image. As it happened, I arranged a shoot in the North of England in November 2011 which coincided with Sol's trip to Yorkshire. Jules alerted me to this and so it was that, on 3rd November 2011, Jules picked me up at Huddersfield Station and took me back to his home to meet Sol.

Jules photographed me that day too initially inside but this is a shot he took when we ventured into the communal grounds of the converted mansion house in which his flat was situated. Jules describes this as a test shot but I think it is so much more than that; not only is it a brilliant portrait but also it records the moment just before I decided to forsake the safety of solid ground to climb up the bank behind and hang onto the roots of a large tree stark naked - hence the title. See my post on Sol's photograph.

Jules was absolutely charming all day and very hospitable. He is a very serious photographer but has fun as well and that is a great combination which feeds his work and his ideas. So, an unlikely meeting but a very fortuitous one. 

An interior shot

Jules with Sol - a lovely couple


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