Wednesday, 30 November 2011

FLASH by Lucy Kendra

Still from the film "FLASH" by Lucy Kendra

In 2011, I met Claudine Quinn at her degree show at Free Range in Brick Lane and subsequently travelled to Edinburgh and experienced one of the most enjoyable of all my shoots. Claudine introduced me to her friend Lucy Kendra who asked if she could film some of the shoots that I had arranged both with Claudine and Laurence Winram. 

The film is "FLASH" and there is a link to it on Lucy's website. It is full of charm, love and beauty, very much like Lucy herself. Of course it is, because you invest whatever you do with whatever is inside you and this is what she has done. 

As I write this, I am travelling on the train from Eastbourne back to Brighton after meeting Alison Bettles to talk about our shoot in the new year and bumping into the the lovely and formidable Emma Morris on the stairs. As I look out of the window of the train, my mind goes back to my first trip to Edinburgh and the fun we had and soon I am hoping to return there. I am looking now at the half ploughed fields as we whizz by and I imagine myself walking over the dark sticky mud and rich green turf which lie side by side like blankets that "lovers have played on and laid on while listening to songs that were sung". I can almost smell the earth and taste the salt on my top lip as my nose runs in the harsh November wind. A crow lands on the edge of the grass and bends down to pick up some morsel and then, with a lazy flap of its wings, lifts off the ground and, for a moment, is silhouetted against a sky of watercolour grey. John Lennon is singing on my ipod "look at me, who am I supposed to be?". A flawed genius -  we are all flawed but very few of us are geniuses but we can, each one of us, look out of a train window and wonder at the beauty of this world. 

Once in Brighton, I decide to walk rather than wait for the Number 6 bus to Waitrose but then, as I arrive at Churchill Square, I see a Number 1 bus and I hop on. It is muggy and the windows are steamed up and it is pretty full but, as I am only travelling two stops, I stand by the door but then receive a poke from an old woman's umbrella as she says that she wants to get by. I explain that I am getting off at the same stop but that doesn't really satisfy her as she still seems affronted by me standing in her way. I thank the driver as I alight. I hop skippity jump over the road to the house and I smile as I see Jane through the lighted window chatting to Tom. More beauty. 

FLASH was commissioned by SOUND - Scotland's Festival of New Music 2013 - as part of their See:Hear strand which focused on the relationship between sound and image. I commend it to you with knobs on.

PASSWORD for film on Vimeo (if necessary) : Raspberry

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