Saturday, 5 November 2011


My project has been featured in the November edition of the BJP in the Endframe section. When they interviewed me online for the article, they asked me to provide some photographs from the project. It is always difficult to choose photographs for such a purpose because I am so fond of every one of them.
However, I chose about eight images including "In the Cellar" by my wife Jane and it was that one that they chose to accompany the piece. In fact, they had not realised the the photographer was my wife until they asked the question "Where did you find her?" and I answered "At home!"

Unless you are already aware, Jane is a painter and this is the link to her website
She does have a very good eye when it comes to photographs and I am not surprised that her image was the one chosen to represent the project in the article.

I know that I have shown this photograph before but I will insert it below just in case some people have never seen it.
In the Cellar by Jane Andrews


  1. Dear Andrew,

    I read this article in the bjp magazine and I am intrigued. I am a photographer and my recent projects have been about life with a chronic illness. I would love to speak to you about your photographic journey, would you be interested? Please have a look at my website and drop me an email if you fancy a chat...Thank you,


  2. Hi Tim.

    I read the article in the BJP and love the project and your desire to explore the presentation of yourself. If you are still looking for more photographers, I'd love to join in and have a chance to take your portrait.

    Feel free to get in touch via email mark.scholey (at)

    If you want to see what I've done a current portrait project that I am working on is here:

    All the best