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I met Clare for the first time in London in March 2011 at an exhibition of her fantastic photographs from the project she had been conducting with Buz Williams (whom also has Parkinson’s Disease). I warmed to her immediately; she has a vital intelligence and a very warm heart and she moves and speaks with grace and beauty. I adored the shoot itself. I felt I was allowed to express myself with total abandon and we talked about this and we talked about that and we listened to George Harrison on the record player.

Clare sent me this amazing image afterwards and I loved the tone and the light but I was moved particularly that Clare had gone to so much trouble to produce such a brilliant image. But then she could not do otherwise. There are no half measures with Clare and her work - if she photographs you, she examines you, learns who you are and then displays it with bravura and wit and a hint of danger for all to see. Unafraid and unashamed - me and her both.

Some weeks after receiving the photograph, the following email from Clare arrived:
“Dear Tim
Musing over the pictures...ideas and more. 
Thought that I should have had you in my big black skirt with the mask and then just now looked on line and saw Jane's work
...and black skirt and NEGOTIATION, beautifully poetic but curious to be on a parallel train of thought. 
As always that is what keeps me going along, this synchronicity and the quest for an authentically powerful image with movement that is free...
See you soon
Clare x” 

It was interesting to me that she chose Jane's painting "Negotiation" to make her point. It is my favourite painting from Jane's series, "Station of the Skirt" which can be found amongst many other wonderful works of art on Jane's website.

I continue to see Clare, who is now a firm friend, and she continues to photograph me. I want her to do so until I die.

WEBSITE: http://www.clarepark.tv/

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