Thursday, 21 July 2011

TIM by Selina Mayer

TIM by Selina Mayer

I found Selina's work on Flickr and I liked her self-portraiture particularly. I think this was mainly because I had been attempting some of my own self-portraits recently - another step in the process of self examination and self-discovery. 

Selina came down to Brighton and met Jane at home and then Selina and I went down to Hove and walked along the beach. As instructed, I wore an old suit and Selina photographed me standing in the sea using her film camera sometimes with a red tinted lens on it - at least, I think that is what she was doing but, if not, I am sure she will correct me so watch this space.

The shoot was great fun and, as she got more into it, she clambered down the pebble beach in her totally unsuitable (and yet very attractive) shoes and dress in order to get the shots she wanted. We talked of doing more shoots together but, in the meantime, she sent me a few fabulous images and it was this one that caught my eye immediately.

Selina has a great understanding of how her camera works and is always looking to discover something new in what she photographs. I love her enthusiasm and energy and her thirst for knowledge and experience. I look forward to some more!       

P.S. Selina has now given me the correct technical information. She used an infra-red filter because, for some shots (neither of the above), she was using red sensitivity film.  The image of me in the sea shown above is, in fact,  the result of cross processing slide film. So, there you are!

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