Tuesday, 28 June 2011

TIM x 3 by Richard Brimacombe

TIM x 3 by Richard Brimacombe

Richard is a very old friend of mine - we used to be partners in the same firm of solicitors. He has been a keen amateur photographer for many years and I was pleased to be able to ask him to take my photograph and even more pleased when he agreed. He has been through something very similar to me in that he was forced to retire through ill health and has in many ways enjoyed a new lease of life as a consequence.

I am continually surprised and touched by not only the willingness of people to photograph me but also the extent of thought they put into the exercise by coming up with wonderful ideas. Richard was no exception.

His idea was to replicate Van Dyck's famous painting of Charles I in three positions but, in my case,  to show three facets of me - Tim the Actor, Tim the Lawyer and Tim the Friend. He admitted that he was not used to doing something like this but wanted to have a bash.

Well, I think he has done it brilliantly. Again,  I really enjoyed the shoot and it was very relaxing as we know each other so well. I wore a suit and tie which  I used to wear every day for work but not so much now. As the actor,  I put on my Roger A  Destroyer (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N57ZWDjqh04) outfit including glasses, cravatte and false plastic moustache. When I received the photograph  I really liked it but  I had some misgivings which  I felt  I could share with him but, when he did not reply immediately, I wondered if perhaps I had been a little too frank. Nevertheless,  I included the photograph in the slideshow which I prepared for the Guernsey Photography Festival and when I picked up the BlueRay disc from Soho Transfer in London, I watched it through first and was delighted by this picture. It really did fit and work well with the others and suddenly all my criticisms flew away. 

So, many thanks Richard. You are a true friend, an excellent lawyer and a very talented photographer! Richard x 3.


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