Tuesday, 28 June 2011

OUTSIDE IN by Paul Groom

OUTSIDE IN by Paul Groom

I was introduced to Paul by Alsion Tebbutt of the charity, Parkinson's UK. She wanted to do a feature on my project in the Parkinson magazine and she asked Paul to come down and take the necessary photographs to accompany the article. He also wanted to photograph me as part of my project and so, after scouting some interior and exterior locations at our temporary home in West Sussex, he decided on two and this is one of the exterior shots. 

I think it works extremely well - it is very well composed but it has a message. I am wound up and restricted by my illness but the look on my face confirms that I am not defeated and with a bit of creative thought and humour, it is possible to overcome these obstacles. 

My other favourite photograph of Paul's is shown below. I love not only the fact that it features one of Jane's glorious paintings but also, I like the way that it sits right next to me but I am not obviously engaging with it. I do very much relate to and engage with Jane's work so that element is not true but then one doesn't always have to hold or look at something directly in order to engage so long as you can feel and/or sense its presence and its power and allow it to have an effect.

Trussed and Me

Thanks Paul for some great images and taking the time to  be an important part of my project.

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