Tuesday, 28 June 2011

NEW MORNING by Laura Hynd

NEW MORNING by Laura Hynd

On 22nd May 2010, I went to the dentist and, as I had done with Jo Metson Scott (see earlier post), I leafed through a magazine whilst I waited. I came across a portrait of Lauren Porter by Laura Hynd which I really liked. I borrowed the receptionist's pen and wrote down Laura's name and when I  got home, I looked up her website and saw her wonderful work. I wrote to her immediately and, just over a week later, she replied saying yes to a photograph. 

However, it took until March 2011 to set up a shoot, having failed to arrange a meeting during the intervening months. By then, she had embarked on her own project, "The Letting Go" which was similar to mine in that it involved asking her subject to photograph her. At that time, we were living in a beautiful house in the countryside whilst waiting to move to Brighton and the garden overlooking the vast empty fields was a perfect setting for self portraits which  I tended to take early in the morning when the sun was rising and the birds were waking up, making an incredible racket with their dawn chorus in which they were joined by the sheep and lambs in the nearby pastures. Therefore,  I suggested to Laura that we aim for this same time of day for our photographs. 

She arrived at about 5am on the morning of 25th March and she quickly decided to stick to the garden where she took this perfectly beautiful shot. It is beautiful isn't it? It looks so simple and quiet but the birds were singing franticly whilst my daughter was fast asleep upstairs trying to recover from pneumonia. Jane was in India in the general direction of where I am facing. One of her favourite albums is 'New Morning' by Bob Dylan and so that is an appropriate title for the image.

Laura was great company that morning - She worked hard and concentrated on each shot so much that she would rub her hands together whilst she considered carefully what she had  set up before asking me to pose. I think she used a Hasselblad - whatever it was it was thick and chunky and made a heavy clunking noise as she clicked the shutter.; each click being full of thought and purpose. We finished the shoot and I accepted her invitation to photograph her with glee as it meant that I could hold and use her lovely camera. She had already shot me lying in the daffodils so I asked her to do the same but  I guess they never came out because I have never seen them nor are they on her website. I  must have been shaking a bit too much. 

We had some tea and warmed up in the kitchen and chatted. Then she left.

Sadness. Smiles. Gentle. Natural. Hands. Near and Far. These are the words to describe my time with Laura that new morning.

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