Tuesday, 28 June 2011

NAKED TIM by Paul Stuart

NAKED TIM by Paul Stuart

I wrote to Paul in January 2010, following the publication of his great photograph of Julie Walters in the  Guardian Weekend magazine. He  was very keen on the project and asked to see some examples of the work already done so I sent half a dozen photographs to him. He then suggested that we meet and we did, a few days later at Holborn Studios in North London. He is such a nice guy and very friendly too and he repeated that he would very much like to take my photograph.

Sure enough, just over 12 months later, he did! That is not meant to be a criticism  but to show how busy he is and also that he keeps his word. 

He agreed to Suzanne Plunkett coming along to photograph him photographing me (at Holborn Studios just before another shoot) as she had begun to do and he said that he wanted to photograph me in the nude but first of all, he would photograph me getting undressed. It was a very friendly chatty shoot and so thoroughly enjoyable. Afterwards, as with a number of the professional photographers, he sent me one image and this is it. Not necessarily the most flattering photograph but that is not really the point. To me it shows the real Tim, with Parkinson's, unafraid of showing his body and upright and strong in the face of the illness. It is a brilliant photograph - very simple, nicely stylised and yet it says so much. Thanks, Paul. You are a great photgrapher. 

Me and Paul by Suzanne Plunkett

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