Tuesday, 28 June 2011



I saw Alma's work in her degree show at the Truman Brewery building in London in June 2010 and I was so impressed that I wrote to her asking if she would like to photograph me. She replied almost immediately saying yes and, even at that early stage, she suggested that origami figures should feature in the photographs. And so it turned out.

However, it was not until some ten months later, in April 2011, that we were able to meet and carry out the shoot. Alma travelled a long way from her home in Bradford on Avon to where we were staying in West Sussex. I had followed up her original idea with the proposal that we shoot outside as well as inside and also that we try to incorporate some of Jane's paintings. Jane was not particularly confident that this latter idea of mine would work and so it proved and, in the event, Alma chose three images consisting of me relating to numerous little orange origami boats which, in turn, both protected me whilst I lay on the forest floor and led me along the woodland paths. Alma felt that the boats represented a desire to get away and move on but, at the same time, they could also be found still, anchored in their dock - in other words they were a metaphor for the contradictory nature of the effect the illness was having on me. 

We also spent a long time on some polaroid and pinhole photography and, as the shoot moved on, I became increasingly impressed by her thirst for new ideas and her enthusiasm for experimentation.

I  loved the vibrancy and light in the resulting images one of which I had to choose to represent her inclusion in the project. However, it was very hard to exclude the other pictures, each one of which deserved to be championed. 
Alma works hard and is deadly serious about her photography - two assets which alone bode well for her future career but she also has a wonderful freedom of thought and great imagination which I have absolutely no doubt will assure her of great success and critical acclaim.

Alma Haser

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