Monday, 27 June 2011

LIFEBLOOD by Jayne Dennis

LIFEBLOOD by Jayne  Dennis

If there was a prize given to the photographer who produced the most laughter during a shoot,  Jayne Dennis would come second. No, just my little joke - she would win. This was great fun. 

I contacted Jayne after coming across her work through the London Association of Photographers website after looking up the entry by Sukey Parnell (see earlier post). I wrote to her on and, sure enough, two days later she deigned to reply - bloody nerve. She originally was based in London and we tried to arrange a meeting but then she pissed off up north but never mind, after some lengthy correspondence, we decided to go straight for the shoot and she suggested somewhere much more convenient for that - Newcastle. So it was that a 59 year old disabled man took the train, a short walk, then the tube, another short walk, then the train, another short walk and finally a taxi to the Banana Studios in Newcastle. But, it was worth it.

She had some initial ideas for straight nude portraits but then we started to look around for props in the studio and found, amongst other things, a trampoline, a length of rope and a team of huskies. That last one was a lie but we did talk about another shoot, so you never know.

I told Jayne of the difficulty I had had with "playing" with the silk given to me by Mohir during my shoot with him (see earlier post) and so she kindly asked me to try to repeat the exercise but this time, it was more successful as you can see from this brilliant photograph. It was difficult to choose just one shot for the project but, in the end, it had to be 'Lifeblood'. Since then, it has reached the finals of the Julia Cameron Awards and is now in the finals of the PX3 Prix de La Photography Paris. When Jayne told me of this, she referred to the image as "our photo" which l thought was very generous of her but l suppose all the photographs are collaborations to a greater or lesser extent.

                                                                               I wasn't joking about the rope......

It was a very jolly day and Jayne proved what a fantastic photographer she was. Afterwards, she very kindly gave me a lift to Newcastle Railway Station going the long way round and then l returned home via the train, a short walk, tube, another short walk, another train and finally a lift home to Ravenswood from my own lovely Jane at the end of a long but very satisfactory day.

                                                                                             ....or the laughter.

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  1. Thank you Tim, You're an absolute gem, it was a great privilege to meet & photograph you... Like i said on the day, how much fun can you have in one day??! I loved every second... x