Tuesday, 28 June 2011

INSTANT CALM by Tess Hurrell

INSTANT CALM by Tess Hurrell

I came across Tess Hurrell's work through Karen Knorr (see earlier post). I saw that she had been part of a group show with Karen, looked up her website, liked what I saw and so contacted her asking if she would like to be part of my project and she answered almost immediately saying that she did.

Unusually, we did not meet before the shoot even though she works at a studio in North London very near to the studio where I have worked with Liz Orton a few times. She said that she was currently involved in a series of portraits but worked quite simply so that either we could work at the studio or anywhere.  The studio it was and Suzanne Plunkett also came along to photograph the session.

Tess and me by Suzanne Plunkett

It was a lovely, lovely day not only because of the weather but also because Tess was so easy and everything was calm and peaceful and she worked in such a flowing way that I felt I was drifting in and out of her lens on the lightest and fluffiest of pillows.

I adored the two photographs she sent me and even more exciting, she indicated that she would like to work with me again - a chance at which I would jump.

I am so very glad that I contacted her and something of what I had seen in her other work was transmuted to me and my photograph is quite simply, beautiful. I feel so honoured to work with people of her calibre.

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