Tuesday, 28 June 2011

HAPPY by Stefano Miraglia

HAPPY by Stefano Miriaglia

Oops! I answered an advertisement from Stefano on Gumtree - I say ''oops'' because there was a time when I was absolutely obsessed with looking for photographers on Gumtree and I made a promise not to go there again. However, I hope I shall be forgiven because, well look at this great photograph! 

Stefano is not a full-time photographer but he could be. The standard of his work on his website is extremely high and so it came as no surprise when he sent me the results of a very enjoyable shoot.

A number of people ask me to smile during shoots but it doesn't always work but this did. It was taken at our temporary home in West Sussex where we moved after selling our beloved Ravenswood. Jane wasn't so keen on this place because, apart from not being home, it was so isolated. But I adored it there and so the smile is genuine - not sure, however, that I was smiling about the house. I was more likely because I was enjoying the shoot. Stefano is good company as well as being a very talented photographer.

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