Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Guernsey Photographic Festival

I was invited to exhibit some photographs at the Guernsey Photography Festival (www.guernseyphotographyfestival.com) which is running from 1st to 30th June 2011. In some ways, I was glad that the curator, Jean Christophe Godet (www.chrisgodet.com), chose the photographs to be exhibited because I would have found it very difficult to choose from the 141 that had been taken up to that point. I am often asked which is my favourite but it is like choosing my favourite Beatles' record i.e. impossible - one day I would choose ten and the next day another completely different ten. It would be the same with the photographs. However, the slideshow with all the photographs was also to be shown.
Anyway, once the choice was made, I had to then arrange for each of the chosen photographers to send a print to the Festival and they all did at their own cost which was very generous of them.
I was invited over to the Festival but I couldn't go to the opening because we were moving into our new house on the same day. I arrived on 9th June and they looked after me incredibly well for three days during which I stayed at the lovely Fermain Valley Hotel. Also, some very good friends allowed me, in their absence, to have the use of their house and car whilst I was there.
Over the hill

On the evening of the second day, I gave a talk on the project at Jean Christophe's gallery (www.thegallery.gg). I hadn't really prepared very well for the talk because of the move and a lack of computer but it went quite well overall. I started with Chris Floyd's wonderful film "This is Tim" and explained that, although it made uncomfortable viewing, it was honest and showed one side of Parkinson's Disease. However, as an antidote, I showed my own stop-motion film "Sigh no more" at the end.
Francesco Guisti, Beth and Jean Christophe

I met so many nice people over in Guernsey including Jan and Chris from the Caravan Gallery (http://www.thecaravangallery.co.uk), Francesco Guisti (www.francescogiustiphoto.viewbook.com) and his lovely wife and daughter,  the local photographers, Carl Symes, Adam Prosser and David Evans (each of whom photographed me whilst I was there), Vikki Ellis and her boyfriend and her mother, Lynn Williamson, the world famous and all round nice guy, Simon Norfolk, and many others whose names excape me but whom I shall remember with great fondness, and last but not least Jean Christophe and his beautiful wife Beth.
Chris and Jan in their Caravan Gallery



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  1. It was a great pleasure to meet you Tim. Thanks for being a patient model. Privileged to be No. 142 :-)