Saturday, 25 June 2011

FROSTED GLASS by Sarfraz Manzor

Sarfraz Manzor was introduced to me (via email) by the photographer,  Liz Orton (See earlier post). I think they had met through an article he had written in the Guardian G2 Magazine about a PhotoVoice project in which she had been involved. She mentioned my own project to him and, to cut a long story short, he became interested in it and made pitches for features both on The Culture Show and in the Guardian Weekend Magazine hopeful that one would be taken up and it turned out they both were.

He came down to where we were living temporarily in Brighton over Christmas 2010 and interviewed me and Jane for the Guardian. He came across as a very nice chap. We talked about the forthcoming filming for The Culture Show and it may have been at that point or maybe later that he suggested that he photograph me as part of my project and that that could be part of the film.

So it was that he came to Colgate in West Sussex and interviewed me for the show and photographed me. His idea was for me to hold a piece of frosted glass up partially covering my face to signify the blurring of  my brain by Parkinson's Disease. I cannot show you the resultant photograph because he has never sent it to me but there is a section on the Culture Show feature (see showing him taking some photographs.

I shall always be grateful to Sarfraz for the consequent publicity for the project and through this the continuing raising of awareness about Parkinson's.

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