Tuesday, 28 June 2011

EXHIBIT TA by Carl Symes

EXHIBIT TA by Carl Symes

I met Carl when he was helping out on the Guernsey Photography Festival and we immediately got on very well. In fact, he was one of the first people I met there as he came to the airport to meet me - so did someone else but that is a long and not very interesting story! He explained that he had decided to accept my invitation to photograph me whilst I was visiting Guernsey for the Festival and  told me of his idea to shoot me standing amongst the framed prints of the photos in my project but holding a frame so that I physically became part of the exhibition.

So that is what we did and this is the marvellous result. It is such a simple idea but it works on so many levels including, not least, the fact that it is a very good photograph. I did wonder what I was letting myself in for by allowing photographers to photograph me without having seen their work previously but I need not have worried as all three of the people who photographed me in Guernsey were excellent and produced very worthy additions to the project. Thank you for this one, Carl!

                                                                                                  Carl Symes

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