Tuesday, 28 June 2011

DIVER FOR PEARLS by Adam Prosser

DIVER FOR PEARLS by Adam Prosser

I met Adam when I went to Guernsey at the invitation of the organisers of the Guernsey Photography Festival in June 2011. I had made it be known that I was happy to be photographed as part of my project whilst I was over there. He works at the harbour and his idea for the shoot was to photograph me wearing the new, modern version of the old diver's helmet.  I said that was ok and we arranged it for the second day of my visit to the island. We tried several different locations but all within a short distance of the divers' quarters because the helmet was so bloody heavy to carry, let alone wear. It was a wonderful contraption and you can imagine it becoming an antique in years to come.

Adam described himself to me as a keen amateur photographer. Well, amateur he may be and keen he certainly but he is also very serious about his hobby and exceptionally talented as this photograph shows. It is a strange image but it works and stands up very well alongside the other pictures in the project. Apart from the crisp clarity of the shot, I really like the contrast between the chrome and yellow of the helmet and the still peace of the boats in the background. There could not be much, if any movement in the shot due to the weight of the helmet but Adam has very cleverly positioned the camera so that it looks like I am peering round the edge of the screen so there is some subtle humour as well.

I  am very pleased with this shot and even more pleased to have met Adam - a very good photographer and a very nice guy.

 Adam Prosser

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