Sunday, 3 April 2011

THIS IS TIM by Chris Floyd

THIS IS TIM by Chris Floyd

I wrote to Chris Floyd on 30th November 2010, after having seen an example of his great work in the Sunday Times magazine, asking if he would like to photograph me, as part of my project. He replied saying that he would love to do it and, sure enough, some three months later we met at the house where we were staying between our move from Milford to Brighton.

He asked some questions about my illness and listened patiently to my answers and then he suddenly got up and announced that he knew what he was going to do but wanted another look around the garden before setting up his lights. He found a creeper on a wall and rigged up his lighting system there and took some stills of me naked. It was bloody cold and I was shaking anyway but it got worse the longer I stood there. He then asked me to step onto the croquet lawn and to run around like the Beatles in the 'Can't Buy Me Love' sequence filmed at the airstrip in "Hard Day's Night". I went bonkers but I felt I should have been doing more crazy stuff but he stopped me and asked me just to stand there. By now I was fucking freezing and I just stared at Chris with my nose dribbling as he carried on filming and said to me "Stay with me, Tim, stay with me" until finally, he finished off with some film by the creeper before letting me go inside to the warmth. I was completely exhausted but exhilarated as well.   

I kept in touch with Chris over the next few weeks and he produced his wonderful film which I gave permission to be added to the feature on the Guardian website. It received many incisive and complimentary comments including one which said "... he just looks bloody cold to me...."

I sent Chris one of my silly YouTube films and, very kindly, he said it was "FUCKING GENIUS!!" 

What a great guy - a lovely companion for the day and a superb artist.