Monday, 14 March 2011

WAS IT JUST A DREAM by Tim Andrews


So long ago. Was it just a dream? Feels so real to me.

Like a walk in the park. Touch. Like calling your name. Feel.

I know, yes I know.


No-one will ever know because they will never believe. If your mind is open you might just glimpse an understanding but it will be gone before you know it. Was it worth it? Yes, just about. Was it fun? Yes, it was stupendous fun. Was it expensive? It was exorbitant. Which one was your favourite? Number One? It was so innocent. So? So. What about the time you cried? I didn't. No, the other time. It was genuine. What about the time you met? Yes, that was genuine. That was definitely real love. Was that the beginning? Or both?

I like diving for pearls.

If I am lost or I am forgiven,
The birds will still be singing.

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                                                                      THE SLIDESHOW


Thank you, Graeme, Mark, Andrew, Simon, Daisy, Mauro, Ellie, Isabel, Josephine, Neil, Hala, Phoebe,  Anthony, John, Tass, Alexey, Ada, Mohir, Ivo, Emma T, Harry H, Carlo, Fabiana, Abi B, Ciaran, Jack S, Aubrey, Sara, Georgia, Dafydd, Robyn, Pedro, Louis, Alex, Lucasz, Michele, Martha, Howard, Inzajeano, Roberto, Simon, Andrea, Ellen, Petra, Stephen, Nikolay, Kiest, Katie, Jagna, Guy, Sarah H, Alessandra, Emily, Jules, Jack K, Dana, Phil, Amina, Alyona, Pascal, Marc, Chris D, Yann, Elwira, Rankin, Emma D, Jeremy, Paul, Patricia, Lucie, Vanessa L, Linda, Kitty, Ania, Dan, Lisa W, Mike, Thom, Steven, Ascha, Sarah M, Leigh, Anita, Spencer, Groman, Balk, Hibi, Kevin, Tara, Vanessa W, Rob, James, Lindsay, Dominic, Linda, Jillian, Jo, Steve J, Tom, Chris M, Silvia, Harry B, Barry, Liz, Justyna, Eleonora, Alistair, Natalie, Steve B, Lisa Wormsley, Tania, Sukey, Antony, Joanna, Monika, Jason, David, Danielle, Louise, Marta, Astrid, Polly, Vicky, Suzanne, Karen, Jane, Frank, Milly and  Abi S.

Tim xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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