Wednesday, 2 March 2011

TIM ANDREWS, SURREY, OCTOBER 2010 by David Secombe

David was recommended to me by his friend and fellow photographer, Joanna Burejza, and he came down to Ravenswood to take some photographs in various parts of the house.We had lunch with Jane and chatted a lot. A really nice guy.

I give all my photographs titles but he told me that this was a bit of bugbear with him. He felt it was a mistake to lead the viewer too much by the nose by the addition of 'evocative' titles. Not sure that I agree entirely although it is a bugbear of mine when some Hollywood directors lead cinema audiences by the nose to the extent they can do. Sometimes it is nice to have a helping hand so long as you always remember to think for yourself.

I like this view of the garden. I really like this photograph too; it is peaceful and eloquent. I am looking over to the cherry tree under which I would lie sometimes and read the paper. Jane might come out and wander over to say hello or our dog, Baxter or our late lamented cat, Ernest, with his stooping walk.

What is life all about?


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