Friday, 4 March 2011

SUPPOSEN by Polly Penrose

SUPPOSEN by Polly Penrose

Polly's wonderful self-portraits appeared on the London Photographic Association site as a consequence of her winning the Gold award in the LPA Nude competition. They are beautiful studies with more than a hint of humour and so I was easily persuaded to contact her about the possibility of her working with me. We met in Shoreditch and she was a delight to chat to and it was arranged that we would meet soon for the shoot.

I wanted to really push myself physically as she had done and to continue to explore different body shapes. We proceeded accordingly and experimented. I meant it when I said that I could have stayed all day.

It was difficult to decide which shot to choose for the project but I went for this one because it reminded me about the stories that my mother used tell about my late father (who died when I was two years old). Apparently, he would worry about things and say "Supposing this or supposing that......" but he would pronounce it "supposen..." - hence the title.

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