Thursday, 3 March 2011

STORM by Marta Kochanek

STORM by Marta Kochanek
Is there anything quite so liberating as plunging your hands in a bowl of flour and then pouring it over your body whilst someone photographs you? I can say now, from my experience of the shoot with the lovely Marta Kochanek, that it is great fun to do and, in the process, we got some great shots out of it.

Marta shot on both digital and medium format with a single round light mainly directed from the side which produced great shadows and which accentuated the curves and lines of my body.

Afterwards, with the help of Curtis (Director) and Luke (Cameraman), we shot a film up in the Dome of the Ellen Terry Building in Coventry and then finished off in an alley outside in the cold of an early October evening. The film, as with the still photographs, was centred around the theme of my fight against Parkinson's Disease.

Marta Kochanek
Marta is very committed to her work, very organised and extremely talented. She says:-

"I am a student at Coventry University. I chose Photography to capture amazing and unique moments that may never be repeated. I immediately fell in love; I became a fully satisfied person who discovered a very important thing - Life's path. Photography allows me to look around more attentively, to see different levels of reality and to understand the world through my passion. I was given an opportunity to discover my very deep sensitivity and a possibility to record beautiful moments which will probably never return. I am happy that I can be the one in a million who can perceive the game of light and shadows."


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