Wednesday, 2 March 2011

PORTRAIT OF TIM ANDREWS by Antony Crossfield

 PORTRAIT OF TIM ANDREWS by Antony Crossfield

I first came across Antony's bizarre and wonderful work through a link on Pascal Renoux's site and then started coming across it everywhere. I wrote to him in July 2009 and he answered almost immediately and said that he was very interested in working with me but warned me that he was noot only very busy but he worked very slowly. I know all about that - trust me, I used to be a lawyer. Actually, lawyers are often criticised for being slow and also for deliberately drawing things out to ensure that they can charge more. However, I never did such things deliberately and I don't know of any lawyer, in my firm certainly, that did. We used to take on too much sometimes but you can't turn work away especially from established clients. Anyway, back to Antony.

He wrote about a month later to ask various questions including whether I could briefly lift myself off the ground by hanging on to a bar above my head which, if you know his work, sounded quite exciting. He told me not to worry if I couldn't as most completely healthy men can't do it but he wanted to know for one of his ideas. I replied saying that I had never really been one for the gym but I would have a go.

We met for a coffee and a chat at Liverpool Street in September 2009 and I felt it was all about me, me me but he said afterwards not to worry as after all, it was me whom he was going to photograph.

Well, he was true to his word because it wasn't until July 2010 that we met for a shoot. It took place at his studio in London and consisted of a lot of test shots for possible future work. He concentrates very hard as he works and seems to know exactly what he wants so I didn't feel it was appropriate to make suggestions as I sometimes do. At one point, I was standing in front of the camera, naked apart from a Batman mask, and some good music came on his ipod and I thought it might look good if I danced but he was working so seriously that I decided against it. But he did take this brilliant picture which I shall treasure.

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