Friday, 4 March 2011

PARK LIGHT by Suzanne Plunkett

PARK LIGHT by Suzanne Plunkett

Suzanne was introduced to me by Joanna Burejza. She works for Reuters and she came up with the idea of shooting me being photographed by other photographers and so we are now in the middle of that exercise. We started off with a second shoot for Joanna, after which we wandered over to Kensington Gardens and she took her own photographs of which this is one. There was also another similar photograph with just me in the picture but I like this one with the child scooting towards me, overtaking me. I used to be that child.

Suzanne has since attended three more shoots. She is a brilliant photographer and at these other shoots, she managed to be there but not there and so there were no problems caused to me or the photographer.

I am really looking forward to continuing our photographic relationship - watch this space!

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