Friday, 4 March 2011

KINDERSPEL by Frank Herholdt

I  have no idea how I came across Frank's website but, when I did, I knew that this was the guy for me. His photographs told such wonderful stories and didn't flinch in the telling and they looked so beautiful.

We met at St Pancras Station and chatted for a good while and told each other about ourselves and agreed a tentative date for the shoot. He pointed out later that he had in mind shooting me on an empty country road in the rain. Well, it snowed but it didn't rain and we moved from Milford so my original idea for the country road was replaced by the long track leading to Grouselands where we stayed temporarily after the move.

Frank bowled down with his wife, Helena (also a photographer) his assistant Jennie Nystedt and his young son, Zack having taken a detour to fetch a smoke machine on the way. By then, he had informed me that he wanted me to wear a suit. They arrived and Frank was clearly very anxious to get straight down to it so we drove a short way along the track and got stuck in some mud as we drove into the woods. We then found a spot with this great tree trunk which had been cut down and there followed an hour of Frank barking orders and expletives, Jennie scurrying hither and thither, Helena helping with the smoke and keeping things calm, Zack playing and me gradually getting colder. Then Frank asked if I was wearing underpants and, when I said I was, he instructed me to strip down to them with just my coat on and then to pose with just the pants. I was fucking freezing! Frank was on the ground shooting up at me. Finally, we finished.  By then, Zack had returned to the car to warm up. We followed and I left them to march back to the house to put the kettle on. My feet were like blocks of ice but look at this picture. Isn't it just perfect?

Jane loves my pose which she said is very child like. Frank wanted me to hold on to the branches as in a crucifixion and to keep my feet as they were. I love it.

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