Friday, 4 March 2011

BLUE by Vicky Slater

BLUE by Vicky Slater

"Out of the blue, you came to me..."

Isn't this the most stunning photograph? I think it is. Stunning, stunning, stunning.

Vicky asked me how I found her and, at first and as usual, I couldn't quite remember but I guessed it was through a link on Flickr. However, I did eventually remember that it was on a link on Pascal Renoux's website. I liked the look of her images so much - so soft and gentle but not weak and pretty. They seem to be moving in time allowing you to see more as you spend time looking at them. 

We met for a long chat in Salisbury and then went back to Vicky's house for the shoot. We started in the soft light of her front room where I am pretty certain this was taken. She used a Hasselblad film camera and no artificial light. Then we went up to a back bedroom where the light was stronger and tried more straight portraits and then ended up with some of her pinhole pictures in the nude. 

It was a very comfortable, easy day and we talked about working together again which I shall be very happy to do. As I say, I was stunned by how superb the collection of photographs were when  I received them very shortly afterwards and it was very, very difficult to choose one. 

"Every day, I thank the Lord and Lady for way that you came to me...."


  1. Tim, it was an absolute pleasure, thank you. x

  2. Vicky is a wonderful photographer and the warmth and empathy of her work never ceases to enchant me.