Thursday, 3 March 2011

BEAUTIFUL DECAY by Danielle Tunstall

BEAUTIFUL DECAY by Danielle Tunstall
I found Danielle's work on Flickr and I drove to her home in Leamington Spa for the shoot. She told me that she asked for a camera only about two years ago and when she was given a pocket camera, she explained that she wanted a proper one. That was when she started taking up photography seriously. At that time, she hardly knew how to use the internet and yet, look at her work now. Even more amazing is that the only additional equipment she owns is a reflector. She has two small children and so works mainly in the evening. She has no studio and no lights - she tends to shoot in the garden which is where my photograph was taken - and yet she produces fantastic results.

She sent me a rough cut of a photograph (see below) which was a taster for the final version which was superb. 

She is very ambitious and hard working and has an eye for a chance so I am sure that she will become very successful.

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