Sunday, 20 February 2011

YES IT IS by Howard Orson

YES IT IS by Howard Orson
Not sure that I should say that the title of this photograph is taken from the song of the same name by The Beatles in case I get sued by Sony or Tesco's or whoever owns their bloody songs now. Why on earth didn't Paul buy them from Lew Grade when he sold them years ago?

Needless to say, "Yes it is" is one of my favourite Beatles' songs. I adore the harmonies and John's rich voice which I can listen to all day if I had to and sometimes, I just have to.

Howard is a great mate and a brilliant photographer. 
I have loads of Beatles' stuff, records, tapes, CDs, photographs, books, concert tickets, clippings, programmes, a flower from the George Harrison Memorial Concert etc, etc. So, Howard just poured it all over me and climbed up a ladder and took the picture.


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