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WILD WEST HERO by Elwira Jaglowska 30th May 2009

WILD WEST HERO by Elwira Jaglowska
"Ride the range all the day till the first fading light,
Be with my western girl round the fire oh so bright.
I'd be the Indians' friend, let them live to be free,
Riding into the sunset, I wish I could be
A Wild West Hero"

When I was small and living in North London, I used to go to the cinema a lot (still do) and I adored cowboy films like "The Magnificent Seven" and "The Big Country" (still do). After the film finished, I would walk up the sloping aisle of the cinema and hold my hand out where my gun and holster would be. Woody Allen stole this idea for  his film, "Play it again, Sam"

Elwira and Boris
I saw Elwira's wonderfully imaginative photography in the Art Fair in Islington and wrote to ask her if she would partake in my project. She agreed subject to finding the time in between looking after her lovely little son, Boris, and producing a second baby.

Eventually, we hired a studio which was a bit crap to be honest - my fault, as I was trying to do it on the cheap. Elwira wanted to do some test shots in advance of something much more ambitious involving an installation and my old house in Finchley which she visited and photographed. However, the installation couldn't have been incorporated into the Lightbox exhibition but maybe it is something we can do in the future......

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