Saturday, 26 February 2011

WHAT DO YOU SEE? by Dan Pacrami

WHAT DO YOU SEE? by Dan Pacrami
Dan was advertising on Gumtree when I first contacted him in March 2009 and he did not reply for a while because he had really been looking to shoot musicians and live gigs at that time and, although he found my project "terribly compelling" as he put it, he had no ideas what to do with it. However, his girlfriend Ashley Mauritzen was involved in putting together a miscellany art book dealing with Transformation in which she wanted to examine four major aspects namely transformation of the mind, body, spirit and environment. Therefore, with the title of the book in mind, he wondered if he could interview and photograph me about the changes that had taken place in my life over the last few years. Is Phil Bennett Welsh?

So it was that we met in a cafe in Old Compton Street and we talked and he recorded what I said. He also asked me to let him have a disc of images so that he could print and frame them as a backdrop to the photographs.

Eventually, we met at his flat in Dalston. His ideas for the shoot were a number of long exposure shots of me at a desk in maximalist surroundings with my photographs on the wall behind me and also some shots of me standing in a floor to ceiling window with me looking out. We experimented for some time with the long exposure shots which worked quite well but, for me, I preferred the image of me looking out. For some reason, I felt it was a very hopeful picture showing me looking towards a bright future from behind a window cast in shadows from the foreign buildings opposite. I loved the results particularly the tone and the soft colours and the shapes of my poses.

Later that year, I attended the college show at which Ashley presented her book and for which she deservedly won a prize.


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