Saturday, 26 February 2011

VALHALLA by Thom Atkinson

VALHALLA by Thom Atkinson
I was introduced to Thom by his friend, Jo Metson-Scott, with whom he shared a studio. It was not until later that I realised that Kitty Gale was his girlfriend.

I wrote to Thom in May 2009 and immediately he agreed to be part of the project. We met in July in London and he showed me his fantastic portfolio and we talked about what he had in mind for our shoot. His idea was to come down to Milford and for me to allow him to wander about the local area on foot so that he might happen upon a location for the shoot. He would then call me over and we would take the photographs.

It was not until November that he finally made it and walked from Godalming to Milford in search for a location but eventually he plumped for our back garden! He took several pictures using a large format camera and this was the one we chose. It is very contemplative and I look as if  I really belong to this place. Which I do. In fact, we no longer live there but a piece of my heart has remained. I was very pleased with the result and, some while later, we met again and he gave me a print which I shall treasure.

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