Monday, 28 February 2011

UNTITLED by Lisa Wormsley

UNTITLED by Lisa Wormsley

Lisa had a photograph published in "Professional Photographer" magazine and so I looked up her website and I liked the look of her edgy, vibrant studies and so I contacted her by email. Her response says a lot about her approach to photography and to life. She wrote "Wow! I'm very flattered. I would love to photograph you..if you can come to Brighton." She added that she loved the fact that I had set the project rather than being the project of the photographer and she would love to be part of it. At the same time, she recommended that I approach Antony Crossfield, not realising that I had in fact already done so a while previously.

I sent her a link to Jane's website and she loved Jane's work and wondered how, if at all, I had influenced the work. She commented that "It's a Wonderful Life" had just popped into her head. Where that came from, I don't know although it is one of my favourite films. 


We met at her flat in Brighton on 2nd June 2010 and talked at some depth about Parkinson's Disease, relationships, art, photography and films. She had prepared some very searching questions to ask me. One thing that came up was how people had reacted and I told her that my kids had asked Jane "when can we start joking about it?" and the fact that we all used the word "Spaz" sparingly but to good effect when we needed it. Again I explained to her that I was basically willing to do anything in front of the camera. However, when she wrote to me subsequently with her ideas she suggested that I arrive quite late so that we had some light and then take pictures after dark too. She wanted me to paint the word "SPAZ"in black paint on her sitting room wall and then, amongst other things, to get drunk and paint a moustache on me and sleep overnight so that she could photograph me in a drunken haze both at night and in the morning. As she said "well, you said you'd do anything!"

Well, as it turned out, I did paint the wall but we didn't get drunk and I didn't stay. However, after painting Spaz on her wall, we wandered down to the beach and did some more nude and clothed shots there and on the stairs on the way back, all of which were brilliant. It was a great evening and this image is extremely powerful and was her choice which I was happy to accept.

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