Wednesday, 23 February 2011

TREMOR by Jack Kerruish

TREMOR by Jack Kerruish
One day in early 2009, I wandered into the Diversion Gallery in Hoxton Square and got talking to the woman in the reception area and told her of my photographic project. Her name was Natalie and she told me that her boyfriend was a photographer and might very well be interested in photographing me.

I wrote to Jack and in due course he came up with some ideas for a shoot. He wanted to use a long exposure and illuminate or paint me with light. He explained that he had been influenced by Francis Bacon's portrait studies for portraits and liked how deconstructed they were. He came down to my home armed with a torch and we did a shoot after dark in our sitting room and our bedroom.  It took a while to complete and l had to do a lot of shaking with my body and Jack shook the torch but it worked out really well. I was difficult to decide which photograph to choose but I plumped for the one on the bed.

by Jack Kerruish

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