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TIM by Georgia Iacovou 25th November 2008

TIM by Georgia Iacovou
Georgia was a student at the University of Arts in Camberwell when she advertised on Gumtree for people to pose for her. She said that I was perfect for a project about Peer Gynt but that never came about or, if it did, I wasn't involved. Nevertheless, we met at the college (I was late) and she took this and some other photographs.

I am quite pleased with this as it is very "me" and also my stomach looks quite flat. I am not a particularly vain person but I tend not to choose many photographs displaying my pot belly which, of course brings me neatly to my Gregory Peck story...... in his autobiography, Peck told of the time he was on the set of the film "To Kill a Mockingbird" and was rehearsing a scene on his own when he noticed that his female co-star was watching him and she was crying. He thought he must have really moved her with his acting in the scene and once he had finished he went over to her and said "I couldn't help noticing how moved you were by my acting in that scene". "Oh no" she replied "It wasn't that, it was just that from the side, your pot belly reminded me of my late father".

Georgia Iacovou

This photograph is actually part of an on-going body of work which consists of full body portraits of everyone I know. Each person is photographed in the same way, with the same 35mm camera, each in a location of no particular importance. The work, when complete, will take the form of a book, acting as an antithesis to the traditional family album. Tim's image is the only one in which the location was previously decided upon. I shot his portrait in the studio, since unlike all the other subjects, I did not know him well. The taking of this photograph did not necessarily force me to establish a relationship with Tim, but kept him present in my mind, re-enforcing the idea that photography can compensate for memory.

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