Thursday, 24 February 2011

THREE RUNNING by Phil Harman 16th April 2009

THREE RUNNING by Phil Harman
Phil was attending Westminster University when he advertised for people to pose for portraits as part of that term's project. We met at his flat in Harrow and then went to a local sports field where he took the photographs he wanted. He then asked if there was anything else I wanted and I said it would be cool if he could photograph me running. I used to run everywhere when I was in my teens and early twenties, not jogging (ugh!) but just sprinting whenever I had the chance. 

Anyway, I started to run and he jogged along beside me but that was no good because the camera was shaking so he asked me to run past him as he clicked the shutter and then he produced this great shot for me. Jane said afterwards that we were daft and that Phil should have asked me to run in a circle around him. We hadn't thought of that but I am very pleased with the picture.

Phil Harman

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