Sunday, 20 February 2011

STRANGE CARGO by Michele Turriani

STRANGE CARGO by Michele Turriani
The title to this photograph is taken from a Clark Gable film of the same name but there the connection ends. The photograph was taken on board Michele's floating studio moored on the Thames - an impressive red boat called "Lightship 93" which has been especially adapted as somewhere to live with a studio in the hold.

I was recommended to Michele by another photographer, Emma Tunbridge, who had already photographed me. She heard that he was desperately looking for someone at the last minute for a series of photographs as part of an advertsing campaign in Italy. I had to look happy, angry and frightened. Guess what? This is my angry face.

Michele's Boat

I don't know whether the photograph was ever used but it was a fun shoot to do and it is on his Website. Michele used a digital camera and one soft light very close and then worked on the photograph afterwards although this is pretty much what I look like when I am cross. Very cross.

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