Sunday, 27 February 2011

SOMETIMES by Chris Moore

SOMETIMES by Chris Moore
This shot was not taken by Chris Moore. Well, it was but not the one I thought I had thought I was contacting when I first wrote to him. Jane used to do hair and make up and worked with Chris Moore, the great fashion photographer, in the 1970s and 1980s. I remembered this when I attended an award ceremony at The London College of Fashion in early 2009 where he was presenting the prizes. Unfortunately, I did not have time to introduce myself then and so I wrote to him a few days later but in fact it wasn't him. Chris politely pointed out the mistake but said that he would in fact like to be part of the project anyway.

We met at a studio in Parsons Green on a Sunday in March 2010 and he took some portraits of which this one. I chose this image because I love body shapes and I like the shapes and curves of my shoulders and arms and also the fact that it has captured my slightly bent posture which is caused by Parkinson's but which has a feminine look to it.

So, the wrong Chris Moore but the right result. If it wasn't for my mistake, this photograph would never have been taken which would have been a great shame.
Chris Moore

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