Saturday, 26 February 2011


I was recommended to Kitty by Jo Metson-Scott - thank you, Jo.

I wrote to Kitty asking her if she would like to be part of my project and she replied that she would absolutely be honoured to take part. She then asked me to tell her if I had a favourite place in England, either from my childhood or since I had retired. She then thanked me for contacting her and I really felt that she was keen to be involved.

We met, after many weeks of cancelling and rescheduling due to commitments on both sides, at Angel Underground station.  I was exhausted when I reached street level because I walk up and down the escalators on the tube partly to keep fit and partly because I feel less stable when I stand still. But the escalator at Angel is one of the longest.  Anyway, I had recovered by the time Kitty showed up and we had a very pleasant coffee and a chat at a cafe in Camden Passage. We agreed that she would come down to Milford and that we would go down to the Trundle at Goodwood where I had walked with my beloved late sister, Janet, and also where one hot summer's day, I had walked with some fellow pupils in my class as part of some school project.

It turned out to be a special day - it was early October but it was warm and sunny. I collected Kitty from Milford Station (what a beautiful station that is, too) and, after introducing her to Jane and taking a few photographs at Ravenswood, we drove down to Goodwood. We tried various shots but it had to be this one, not only because this was the spot I had immediately thought of when she wrote to me that first time but also because, just as she clicked the shutter, the birds flew up into the air. It was meant to be. I really like this picture - I am looking south towards the sea and my childhood home at West Wittering but then I am about to turn to walk up the hill, away from my past and towards an uncertain but exciting future.

We then went down to Dell Quay and took some more shots on the path by the harbour and then eventually wended our way home. It was a lovely day. Something special.


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