Tuesday, 15 February 2011

SMILE by John Dalby

SMILE by John Dalby

John is a commercial lawyer who practices in Bristol. He achieved a very good degree in Law at Queen Mary College, University of London even though he failed the Land Law examination in the first year. He trained with a prestigious firm in Bristol and qualified as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court and is now a partner in his own firm. He likes Cricket, Cinema, Music, Golf and insulting me.

This photograph is really just a snapshot taken by my greatest friend, whom I met at University over thirty-five years ago. We spent that day at Lord’s watching the Test Match and adjourned, already slightly tipsy, to a restaurant outside the ground for lunch. We were taking pictures of each other with our pocket digital cameras and, after he took this one, he said it made him want to cry. A beautiful man my love for whom is reflected in my smile albeit with a splodge of food on my chin.


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