Sunday, 20 February 2011

SISTERS OF MERCY by Kitthunya Ngaothongpaitoon

by Kitthunya Ngaothongpaitoon
Gradually, they came to understand the charm of this form of subversion.
"Was it chance or the benefit of the absence of thought?"

Her massive intelligence prevented her from doing her calculations and her fellow pupils were ashamed at stupidly reaching the solution.
"Why was the end so sad?"
"Because it's much nicer that way"
There was no reply.

The darkness held great fascination; it was incredible to discover that such darkness reigned beneath such whiteness.
The survivor uttered a delirious cry; "It was magnificent!"

I contacted Kiest through Gumtree at a time when she was undergoing her final year at the London College of Communication. She quoted a passage from a book explaining that she wanted a female model to photograph. However, she changed the whole slant of the piece and I became the model. Kiest took these pictures on medium format and was assisted by her friend and fellow student, Alyona of whom more later.

I love this photograph most out of all the shots she sent to me all of which were good. It seems as if I am on the edge looking into the abyss but that I have two ghostly Holy Sisters protecting me. I find the image very uplifting.

Fo some reason, I am almost always asked where this photograph was taken. Well it was in the stairwell of a block of flats in Deptford near the River Thames. So there.

Kitthunya Ngaothongpaitoon

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