Sunday, 20 February 2011

SATURATION by Andrea Seghedoni

SATURATION by Andrea Seghedoni
I contacted the wonderful Andrea early in 2008 when he was advertising for models to be part of a project of his own. We hit it off straightaway and he told me "I think you are someone who is truly himself and is my friend... this is rare to find in someone on the other side of the lens. it's all about passion!"

We did not meet until January 2009 when he outlined an idea of creating a spider's web made of magnetic tape in which I would be held either naked or wearing a suit. He decided on the latter because it represented where I used to be in my work as a lawyer.

The shoot took place on 29th January 2009 at his studio in Tottenham (Come on you Spurs) and he cooked me a delicious lunch and we drank wine and good coffee. Afterwards, he edited the photographs and we chose our favourite then and there. I love the flash of light across my left eye - it is like a gash of silver opening up my head to reveal the darkness inside and to allow the light to get in.

Andrea said afterwards that the picture revealed a very austere lawyer and the tension in my working life.

A great guy and an interesting and invigorating day in Tottenham. He was right when he called me his friend, even before we had met. This project has produced so many friendships that I would never had had otherwise. As Paul once sang, "friendship is showing support for the one that you love" - I am amazed how many kind and generous and talented photographers have shown that support and have thus forged a bond of friendship with me.

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