Saturday, 26 February 2011

THE REX by Lucie Varekova

THE REX by Lucie Varekova
I saw Lucie's work in her final degree show at the Free Range exhibition in the Truman Brewery building. Another fine talented student from Middlesex University.

Originally, she wanted to photograph me at home but then had the bright idea to photograph me in the Phoenix Cinema in East Finchley which happens to be very near where I was brought up as a child. The cinema is one of the few independent cinemas left in London and, years ago, when it was known as "The Rex", I went there to watch films with my brother and sisters. It is very much the same as it was and so it was a real trip down memory lane for me. We went up to the projection room and then down into the auditorium and I even sat at the piano which of course I cannot play! We then went outside and took some pictures in the car park. East Finchley is great especially its greasy spoon cafes but the jewel in its crown is Black Gull Books, a second hand bookstore which always has something of interest in it.

It has been hard work for Lucie since her graduation but she is enthusiastic and hardworking as well as talented and so I am sure she will succeed in her chosen profession. That sounds like a school report but it is true.

At the time we met, Lucie had started a project which involved photographing other photographers and was hoping to photograph the great Jan Saudek whose work we both like.

Lucie Varekova


  1. This is a lovely article!! I look forward to making more photographs with you, Tim. Best. Lucie

  2. I met Lucie Verakova in Washington DC, she was full of life and a wonderful person. Keep making lots of great photos Lucie.