Monday, 28 February 2011

REFRACTION by Eleonora D'Ambrosio

REFRACTION by Eleonora D'Ambrosio

I met Eleonora when she assisted Harry Borden on his shoot. We met on the same day as the shoot with Justyna Neyring. It was a beautiful afternoon in Brighton and we walked down to the promenade alongside the beach to the beach huts. She really liked the pattern formed by the roofs and there is an interesting geometry to the image with the angles of the mirror, the beach huts and the reflections behind me. Great!

What I have really enjoyed about this project are the shoots themselves - the resultant image is like an extra bonus. Eleonora and I talked and talked about the pictures she was taking and her family in Italy and her thoughts about working with Harry Borden whom she liked a lot. That would have been enough for me but then a few weeks later, I receive a great photograph too. A work of art and a memento of the day - what could be better?

Eleonora D"Ambrosio

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