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REAL LOVE by Gavin Phes

REAL LOVE by Gavin Phes

Gavin works in London as a professional freelance photographer, illustrator, web designer and graphic artist. I first met him when he was completing his final years's project at Middlesex University. The project was entitled "Couples" and was intended to feature a collection of images that portrayed love between partners. The aim was to show intimacy between people and how they express that intimacy.

Following the shoot with Daisy Lang, I discovered that many photographers were advertising on Gumtree, a classified ad site on the internet, for people to be photographed for various projects.

I sent an email to Gavin in reply to his advert saying that I was 56 and, therefore, I may not be what he was looking for. He wrote explaining that he was interested in using me but that I would have to pose nude with another male but that the pictures would not show any kind of embarrassing intimacy and would be quite subtle. I replied saying that I would rather not be pose with another male but, overnight, I changed my mind and I was so glad I did so because I really liked working with Gavin and I loved the resulting images.

Eventually, we met at Southgate Station on the morning of the shoot on 14th March 2008 and he took me to the house owned by the other model, Tony, where the shoot was to take place. lt took quite a while to take the pictures and Gavin was very considerate towards me and Tony was a nice guy so the whole thing went very well. Gavin used a medium format film camera and l loved the careful way in which he set up each shot. He seemed to know exactly what he was looking for but was also happy to improvise and share his thoughts with the two of us. I returned a few days later for a second, shorter shoot.

The photographs he took were displayed at the Final Year's Degree show at the Truman Brewery in the summer of 2008 and I was very proud to see my pictures up on the wall. Interestingly, Tony and I were the only "unreal" couple that Gavin had shot but many people were convinced that we were an item - a testament to Gavin's skill.

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  1. Fantastic photo and description. Thank you Tim.
    Would you happen to know where the rest of the photos might be posted?

    Kind regards